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Kinship Management Policy

In The Lord of the Rings Online, kinships are an important social structure that players work very hard to create, maintain, and grow. As such, The Lord of the Rings Online has incorporated features for a kinship leader to create, recruit, promote and transfer leadership of their player kinship.

Often, a situation will arise where a kinship has been abandoned by its leader without the proper transfer of leadership. The kinship panel has a usurp feature to remove a kinship leader that has been absent for an extended period of time. In-Game Support will not change kinship membership or leadership.

What is a kinship?

A kinship is a group of players that come together for a common, long-term purpose. (In other online role-playing games, such organizations are often called guilds). The purpose could be purely social, it could be to pool resources and take care of new players, or it could be a common philosophy.

Kinship members can add a Player Note on the Kinship Page for themselves. These notes can be viewed by all members of the kinship by pressing the "Change View" button.

A kinship's name cannot exceed 32 characters.

Monster Players can create Tribes (the equivalent of kinships)! See the Tribe Scrivener in Gramsfoot to buy your Charter.

Clerks of Kinships sell the following types of charters:

  • Man Kinship Charter
  • Mixed Kinship Charter
  • Hobbit Kinship Charter/Dwarf Kinship Charter
  • Elf Kinship Charter

Any race can found or join any type of kinship. The only difference is in the titles given to its members.

When you are initially invited into a kinship, you will be given the rank 'Recruit'. This rank has no titles and can only chat with the kinship. Kinship recruits cannot post or bid on kinship auctions.


What if my leader went AWOL?

If the leader does not log in for more than 35 days or cancels his or her account, the successor receives a mail indicating the availability of the Usurp option. The successor can click the Usurp button in the Kinship Panel to become leader.

If the successor does not usurp leadership within 10 days, all officers of the kinship receive a mail informing them that any officer can usurp leadership.

If no officer usurps leadership within 20 days, all members of the kinship receive a mail informing them that any member can usurp leadership.

If a kinship goes 65 days without a new leader, the kinship will automatically disband.

Please note that the In-Game Support Team will not resolve issues regarding the transfer of ownership for a kinship or the automatic disbanding of a leaderless kinship. It is the responsibility of the kinship members to ensure that a successor has been chosen.

What are Kinship Lifespan Ranks and what are their benefits?

Kinship Lifespan Ranks are kinship abilities which become available once a kinship has existed for a specific amount of time (real-time, not in-game time).

  • Rank 1 - Creation/Kinship Chat, Max Kinship members available is 1000
  • Rank 2 - 24 hrs: Message of the Day
  • Rank 3 - 3 days: Kinship Titles
  • Rank 4 - 10 days: Officer Chat
  • Rank 5 - 30 Days: Kinship Mail
  • Rank 6 - 60 Days: Kinship Auctions - Messages to Kinship reduced to 10 copper
  • Rank 7 - 90 Days: Max Kinship members increased to 1200 -Mailing item to Kinship member becomes 50% cheaper
  • Rank 8 - 180 Days: Max Players: 1300
  • Rank 9 - 270 days: max 1400 members
  • Rank 10 - 360 days: max 1500 members

How do I toggle player's kinship floating names on and off?

To toggle player's kinship floating names on and off, open your Options Panel by holding down Ctrl and pressing O.

Click on UI Settings to access the Player Kinships option.

When checked, players will have their kinship names displayed over their heads.

How do I chat in kinship chat?

You can chat with every other player on the server, including your Fellowship or Kinship, as well as send and receive personal messages. In addition to typing messages that are seen by players in your vicinity, there are different chat channels within the Chat windows. Click on the chat-bubble icon at the bottom left corner of the Chat window to select the default channel for your conversation.

How can I determine which members of my kinship are online?

To determine which members of your kinship are online:

  1. Open up your Social Panel by pressing O
  2. Click on the Kinship Tab
  3. You'll see the "Last On" section of the Kinship Panel. Sort by "Last On".

Members which are online will be listed as online.

“You cannot perform kinship operations on that player.”

A character must be logged into the game in order to be invited into a kinship.

If the character is logged into the game, ensure that the 'Enable Kinship Requests' setting is enabled. This setting is found in the 'Social Options' section of the Options Panel.

Is there a minimum level that a character must be before I can invite them to my kinship?

There is no level requirement, but each character must have completed the introduction.


Where can I find a list of all of the kinship commands?

usage: /kinship < disband | recruit | accept | decline | quit | expel | promote | demote | motd | successor | resign >

(disband) - Disband your kinship.

(recruit <name>) - Recruit the target into your kinship.

(accept) - Accept your current kinship recruitment request.

(decline) - Decline your current kinship recruitment request.

(quit) - Voluntarily leave your kinship.

(expel <name>) - Expel the kinship member from your kinship.

(promote <name>) - Promote the kinship member to the next higher rank.

(demote <name>) - Demote the kinship member to the next lower rank.

(motd <motd>) - Set the message of the day for your kinship.

(successor <name>) - Make the kinship member the member who will succeed you as leader when you resign.

(resign) - Step down as leader. (This will automatically promote your successor to leader.)

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