LOTRO World Character Transfer Guide


LOTRO Character Transfers are now available and can be purchased using LOTRO Points! The current costs to transfer a character or shared items as follows: 

  • Character Transfer: 2495 LOTRO Points
  • Shared Items Transfer: 495 LOTRO Points (free with a character transfer, only at the time of the character transfer)
  • Character and Shared Items Transfer from Ithil to Anor: Free

Note that it is not possible to transfer from a U.S. Server to a European Server, or from a European Server to a U.S. Server. It is also not yet possible to transfer from the Legendary Worlds of Anor or Ithil to a non-Legendary game world.

To start a transfer, login to the launcher and click “Transfer” to begin. The Character Transfer Wizard will walk you through the process step by step.

If you are having trouble completing your purchase because the “Confirm” button is greyed out, you will need to purchase additional points.

If you need to purchase LOTRO Points and are outside the game, please log in and navigate to the character select screen. Click “Get Points & Account Upgrades”. At the top of the LOTRO Store window, please click “LOTRO Points” to view current point bundles for sale.

LOTRO World Character Transfer Guide
Players can now transfer characters from one game world to another through the LOTRO game launcher. In the world selection window, you will see the “Transfer” button. Click on that and you will see all the worlds and the characters you have on each. You can choose to move just one character, all characters, shared items, or no shared items to a target world of your choosing.

Shared Items Transfer

This new checkbox in the World Transfer interface will allow the transfer of all account level items that are shared between your characters on a world from one world to another. These items include the following:

  • Account Shared Currency (Mithril Coins & Skirmish)
  • Shared Storage
  • Housing Storage
  • Wardrobe
  • Destiny

The Shared Items Transfer will be available even if you have moved all characters off of a world, just in case you moved a character and left some account level items behind.
Kinship transfer

NOTE: Kinship leaders must abandon or sell their kinship houses before they can transfer.

When transferring a character who is a Kinship leader, the game will disband the kinship on the home world and reform it on the new world complete with all historical data. Players who were in that same kin will be instantly added to the kin on the new world if they decide to follow the Kin leader. Kin leaders, please coordinate with your Kinship members ahead of time, add your target world to your MOTD, and do whatever else you feel is necessary so that your members know where to follow.

Bound items in the Kinship house will be returned to their owners, and unbound items will be put in the Kin leader’s personal house storage or escrow. Any remaining pre-paid credit and unlocked storage levels on the Kinship house will be automatically granted upon purchase of a new Kinship house on the new world.
Naming Priorities


With the new transfer process, when you transfer your character to a new world, the world will check to see if there is a naming conflict. If there is, it will grant the name to the incoming character if the character existing on the world has not been active for one year or more. The less active character will have a -1 added to their name and a rename token granted to the character. (Rename tokens have no expiration date.) This should prevent the majority of unnecessary renames for those transferring from the impacted worlds.
Region Transfer
Existing characters on EU and US worlds will have a data conflict moving to a different region, so we are only able to support transfers of characters from an EU world to another EU world and US to US. You will note that we have now labeled all worlds on the launcher with their region. However, there is no restrictions on where you might start a NEW character and play based on your physical location, so feel free to try out new worlds in which ever region you feel most comfortable.
Housing Transfer
When transferring a character who owns a house on a world, the belongings and the history of the ownership of that house will go with that character to its new world. This means storage capacity, Upkeep Prepayments, Ownership time and Grace period time will all be remembered and applied to the house you might purchase on your destination world. When you log into the new world with your Home owner, you will find an email that will inform you of your previous address and will contain an attachment of currency equal to the purchase cost of the house. All of your deco is now in Escrow Housing storage, and character bound items are returned to the appropriate characters. If you already own a house on the destination world the upkeep, storage capacity and items will be granted to the existing house on the account.
Recommended Transfer Order
To lessen the chances of item confusion or loss, it is recommended that you transfer any Kinship leaders first, then Home Owners, Shared items, and then other characters or all at once if they are going to the same world.

Q. Is Shared Items transfer free?
A. Shared Items transfer is available for free when you transfer a character from one world to another, at the time of the character transfer process. You can also purchase a Shared Items transfer for 495 LOTRO Points.

Q. What is your recommended transfer order?
A. To prevent confusion, we recommend that you transfer any Kinship leaders first, then home owners, then Shared Items, then other characters; or everything at once if they're going to the same world.

Q. Will transfers from closed worlds still be free? For how long?
A. All transfers off of closed worlds will continue to be free indefinitely. Transfers between live worlds will remain a premium service. Please note however that at this time, transfers from closed worlds are currently disabled.
Q. What Account info will transfer?
A. Account properties:

  • Destiny
  • Shared storage (Bank)
  • Housing storage
  • Wardrobe
  • Shared currency (all account-shared paper items, including Mithril and Skirmish Marks) 

Edge-case: if a paper item used to be character-only (i.e. not account-shared), and the player hasn’t logged in since the currency was changed, any amount they had banked will remain with their character and will not be transferred unless they transfer that character.
Loss Risk:
Housing storage pre-2014 – previously, housing storage was maintained in a very different way from the current bank-based system. If your character has not logged in since then, those items will be lost.
Q. Can I transfer my Kinship?
A. Kin leaders can move their Kin with them to a new world. This collects the Kin name and rank, creates a guild of similar rank and name, and adds any members who also follow to the new world. Kinship leaders must abandon or sell their kinship houses before they can transfer.
Q. What about my name?
A. Currently, a player who transfers a character where the name is already in use will always be renamed. If you are renamed, you can change your name at any time by using /changename (newname), but that new name must also not already be taken in order for the change to occur.
Q. What about all the items in my inventory?
A. All of the items you have on your character inventory will move with you to your new sever.
Q. What interface will players use for transfer?
A. Transfer is available through the game launcher.
Q. Is the character moved or copied? If I have a tank, for example, on one server and I decide that I want one on another server, does he get deleted from the old server?
A. A character transfer only transfers a specific character from one server to another. For example, if you have a character named Rangerx on Brandywine, you can choose to transfer Rangerx to Arkenstone. Rangerx will be moved to Arkenstone and deleted on Brandywine.

Q. Can we do a full account (all characters included) transfer option?
A. Yes this will be an option
Q. What if I have all my character slots filled?
A. We have doubled the amount of max character slots you can purchase. If you do not wish to purchase additional slots, you will be asked which characters you would like to remain "active". Any inactive characters will remain locked out until you purchase additional character slots.
Q. Will my mail be transferred?
A. Mail does not transfer, therefore it is recommended that you clear all items you wish to keep out of your mail box before transferring.
Q. I still have a balance on my housing maintenance. Will I get that money back?
A. Yes, when your house is put into escrow for the transfer any remaining maintenance balance will be credited to a new house or an existing house owned by your account on the new world.
Q. What if I change my mind and I want to transfer back to a remaining world I just left?
A. While you can transfer characters back at any time, you must wait 2 weeks before you can successfully transfer account shared items (shared bank and housing storage).  Additionally, you cannot transfer a kinship back to a world.  If you try, the kinship will fail to reform and you will receive an item in your inventory that you can use to create a new kinship of equivalent rank. Additionally, please be aware that transferring back to your previous world will still cost another 2495 LOTRO Points.

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