DDO Free-to-Play FAQs


What is Dungeons & Dragons Online?

Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO) is the most exciting MMO with the best combat and unlimited free play. Set in the vast and dangerous online world of Eberron, gamers discover hidden treasure, pummel monsters, and look to evade traps left behind by an ancient race. By leveraging the most active, most realistic combat system of any online game, DDO players deliver and feel every blow that goes into a baddie's demise.


FREE? For Real?

Yes, for real. DDO is free to play as long as you want without subscription and—most importantly—without your credit card digits. Just log in and start battling your way to elite status without so much as reaching for your wallet. Along the way, you'll even earn points equal to your level of success to spend in the DDO Store. It's like we're paying you to play!


What's This DDO Store You Speak of?

Funny you should ask. The DDO Store is a vendor within DDO, where you can spend your hard-fought points or real, hard-earned dollars (if you wish) to enhance your gaming experience. While the best gear can still only be found by adventuring in-game, the store offers a bevy of convenience items, in addition to premium adventure packs, extra character slots, hirelings, potions, unique character customization, and much more than this page will allow us to list! Items in the DDO Store are purchased with DDO Points.


What are DDO Points?

DDO Points are the currency of the DDO store, and you can buy them with credit cards, PayPal, or at participating POSA retailers. You can also purchase Points Points with alternate payment methods in the DDO Web Store.

You can also earn DDO Points for certain achievements in-game. DDO Points never expire and can be used to pay for anything in the DDO Store.

There are three subscription types:

  • FREE
  • VIP


  • Three character slots, can purchase more
  • Base Quest Difficulty Options: Casual, Normal: Free Hard, Elite: Earn or buy
  • Existing Packs: Some free, can purchase unlimited access to others individually


After your first points purchase in the DDO Store, your FREE subscription is permanently upgraded to PREMIUM!

 All PREMIUM players receive:

  • Two additional character slots (5 total)
  • Gold limit increase (5 gold vs 2)
  • Faster login
  • Base Quest Difficulty Options: Casual, Normal: Free Hard, Elite: Earn or buy
  • Existing Packs: Some free, can purchase unlimited access to others individually


All VIP players receive:

  • 500 DDO Points monthly
  • Shared bank slot
  • 11 character slots
  • 7 Additional Character Classes
  • +10% Stacking Experience Boost
  • Access to all difficulty levels for quests
  • Unlimited free access to all existing quest packs
  • And more!

What is a VIP?

Sounds important, right? Well, it is. DDO VIPs are players who want unlimited access to all of the content DDO has to offer. This newly optional subscription program also allows its gamers to enjoy a number of other exclusive benefits, such as a monthly grant of DDO Points, priority access to servers, additional character slots, a shared bank slot, and much more.

These awesome benefits include priority server access, 10 character slots free, unlimited access to all adventures in the game, a shared bank slot free, and more, plus every month we'll credit your account with 500 DDO Points to spend any way you like. DDO VIPs also receive the highest level of customer support.

For more information on DDO VIP, visit http://www.ddo.com/en/become-vip.


How much is a VIP subscription?

For VIP subscription costs, click here.


Do I have to Purchase DDO Points to Create an Account and Begin Playing the Game?

No. Purchasing DDO Points is 100% optional, and is only required if you wish to heighten your gaming experience by purchasing something from the DDO Store.


Will I Still Be Able to Play and Enjoy the Game Without Buying Items from the DDO Store, or Is That My Only Option for Gaining Weapons, Armor, Potions, and Other Battle Goodies?

You are absolutely under NO obligation to purchase anything from the DDO Store in order to play and progress in the game. Gear is available for gamers who would like to improve some aspect of their in-game experience right away. While the store offers items of convenience, content, and character customization, there is no substitute for the glory and rewards that await you in the dungeons of DDO Unlimited.


Will I Be Able to Sell My In-Game Items to Other Players In Exchange for DDO Points?

DDO Points are non-transferable and, like most of the items available for purchase in the DDO Store, completely bound to you and your character(s)/account.


Do I Need A Credit Card to Play the Game?

Absolutely not. The only times you'll ever have to wield your plastic, or use an alternate payment method, is when purchasing DDO Points at the DDO Store or signing up for a VIP subscription. We also have alternative payment methods available if you wish to purchase points or VIP time without ever using a credit card.


If I Don't Have a DDO Subscription, How Much Game Content Can I Access?

Frankly, that all depends on what kind of gamer you are. Free content is widely available for low-level characters and becomes sparser as a character's level increases. However, additional premium adventure packs are available for purchase through the DDO Store. Once the adventure pack has been added to your account, it will be permanently available to all your characters.


How can I become a Free Player?

Anyone can join and play DDO for free! The game client download is free, and there's no credit card required to play! To get started, download the free game client by clicking here!


How can I become a Premium Player?

With your first purchase of any DDO Points bundle, you are automatically upgraded to "Premium" player status! You'll receive a few extra perks just for being a DDO Store customer, such as two extra character slots!

Did you purchase a copy of the Stormreach edition of DDO? Are you a former subscriber? Your account is "Premium"!


How can I become a DDO VIP?

To enjoy all the benefits of being a DDO VIP, simply log into the game and bring up the DDO Store. Click on the Manage Subscriptions/Become a VIP link at the top to update your information and enroll in a plan!


How long does it take to become a VIP? I bought a GTC (Ultimate Game Card) and redeemed it successfully at on the DDo Store. About a half hour later I logged in. Says I'm still a free account. So how long do I have to wait before my account is upgraded?

Updates to your account status may require you to completely log out of the game and then relog. If you are still not seeing your VIP status, please submit a ticket. 


If one person purchases an Adventure Pack, can anyone in their party access it, or does everyone in the party need to purchase it?

Adventure Packs are account specific. Everyone in the party needs to buy access, whether it be permanent or one of the timed accesses.


Where can I find more information on DDO?

Look here for more information!

Also, look to the DDO Forums for more information on DDO Unlimited!


I'm new to DDO. Where can I find information on how to play?

Visit DDO.com and click on 'The Game' for information on playing the game!

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