How do I contact support?


How, When and What of contacting Customer Support

This article will provide information on who to contact when you have a specific support question or issue.

Technical Support

For any kind of technical issue with running the game, installing the game or connecting to the game, start by reviewing the game forums here (LOTRO) or here (DDO).

There are also a large number of technical answers to FAQs in the Technical Help page.

If you're not able find an answer by any of these avenues, you can contact the SSG Tech Support department by completing the email form here. Any subscriber-type (Free, Premium, VIP) can submit a ticket to Technical Support.

Account / Billing Support

You can still manage your account details and contact information at any time by logging in to the "My Account Page"

For issues with your account, subscription, adding or updating billing information, password reset emails, missing LOTRO/DDO Store points, etc. you can review the sticky posts or post your questions here (LOTRO) or here (DDO).

You can also check the Account Help Page. This is especially true if you are getting a billing related error that has a number associated with it, since many of the more common billing errors are listed there.

If you have a question about your specific account and situation, or can't find an answer in any of the above avenues, you can email the Account Support Team by filling out the form here.

NOTE: The form requests card information for verification purposes if one is on file. If you do not have a credit card on file, simply enter “none” for the card holder name, and “0000” for the last 4 digits of the card. Any subscriber-type (Free, Premium, VIP) can submit a ticket to Account Support.

As always, we appreciate your feedback. You can send us a feedback ticket by selecting the Feedback option when submitting a ticket through the web, or by responding to the survey you are sent after a Customer Service Agent has responded to your ticket.

Forums Support

For assistance with forums issues, such as difficulty logging into the forums, creating a forums username, difficulty changing forum password, etc, please complete the form here.

Following Up with Support After Submitting a Help Request Ticket

When you fill out the help request, you will be sent a confirmation message that might also contain some information based on the support fields you selected when filling out the form. Be sure to carefully read this email and follow any directions in it. You can update your current ticket right from the SSG Help Site, or by replying to the email that you receive.


To track or cancel a ticket that you’ve submitted to In-Game Support

1. While logged in-game, press Esc
2. Click HELP
3. Click ‘Track Tickets’

Bug Reports

To report a gameplay issue, you can submit a bug report.

Please note that Bug Reports do not receive responses. They should be used for issues that need to be fixed but don't necessarily directly affect your account or access. Examples of this include landscape problems, typos, broken skills, etc. For issues that affect your account, require technical assistance (such as crashing or losing connection) or require a response from a GM, please submit via the other request options as noted above.

Feedback and Suggestions

You can always provide constructive feedback and suggestions in the LOTRO or DDO suggestion forum. These forums are always reviewed, and the feedback is passed along to the appropriate departments.

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